Our animals

The dog

Our dog Dirk, a French bulldog, is a very sweet dog, and fortunately not a beggar. We would like to keep it that way and ask you not give him little snacks. With some extra attention you also make him very happy.

The rabbits

At the moment we only have 'Butterfly'rabbit John. We are anxiously waiting for 2 adoptive rabbits that will come soon; Gucci and Boris. Gucci is a sister of John but due to circumstances she, and her boyfriend, can not stay with their current owners.

The chickens

Just before the season we saved 8 chickens from a chicken farm. We were very happy (and our guests too) with the delicious eggs. In the meantime also an adoption chicken. Only this chicken survived the visit of a fox, and she may wear out her days with us. With our rooster Casper, our chicken club is complete again.

The sheep

Our 20 girls Emma, Xena, Odylia, Odette, twins Wendy & Wanda, Eline, Jeanine, Michelle, Olivia, Janneke and Belle and the adopted ones Oenkie, Xavia, WiTo, Agnes, Roosje, Lammechien, Poes and Zoet have taken repossession of the camping and are in company of the ram. Hopefully cute lambs next year.